The smart micro hybrid drive

The diesel-powered smart fortwo cdi demonstrates how economical and environmentally-friendly a car can be. Now, with its micro hybrid drive (mhd) technology, smart can offer a fuel-efficient solution for its petrol engines, too.

The micro hybrid drive technology in the smart fortwo mhd uses a start/stop function that automatically switches the engine off at traffic lights or in a traffic jam, and back on when things get moving again. The mhd switches the engine off as soon as you brake and fall below a speed of 5 mph. When the time comes to set off again, take your foot off the brake pedal and the engine will start again seamlessly with first gear automatically engaged so that you can continue your journey. This reduces consumption and CO2 emissions.

Combined fuel consumption for fortwo coupé 71 bhp mhd of 65.7 mpg / 4.3l/100 km[1], combined CO2 emissions of 103 g/km[1]; combined fuel consumption for fortwo cabrio 71 bhp mhd of 64.2 mpg / 4.4 l/100 km[1], combined CO2 emissions of 105 g/km[1].


[1] The figures shown are based on official EU fuel economy tests (Regulation [EC] 715/2007 in the currently applicable version). As these tests are carried out under laboratory conditions, the results might not accurately reflect real-world driving performance. They are provided solely for the purposes of comparing different vehicle models. The figures stated depend on the tyre dimensions.