The starting signal for made-to-measure individuality.

Dreams can be realised, and cars can be made truly personal and unique. Let your imagination run wild and contact your smart dealer to arrange an in-depth consultation. Your dealer will provide you with advice and support and help you to create your very own personal smart fortwo. And in next to no time you'll be able to take a seat behind the wheel of your dream car.

Advice and planning.

Select the smart fortwo model of your choice together with your smart dealer – from a pure to a BRABUS Xclusive or the smart fortwo electric drive. Your dealer will then advise you on the combination of smart BRABUS tailor made packages and the customisation of details. Your smart BRABUS tailor made configuration will be included when you order your new vehicle and therefore also in the production process.


Your personal vehicle configuration will be realised with lots of attention to detail and expert craftsmanship – for accuracy and a precise fit. Depending on the scope of individualisation, 4 - 6 weeks are needed for this in addition to the standard delivery time.


Your new smart fortwo awaits you at your smart dealer. It goes without saying that all modifications carried out within the framework of the smart BRABUS tailor made programme are covered by all smart guarantees and services.

smart fortwo BRABUS tailor made - exterior


smart fortwo BRABUS tailor made - interior materials

Make a fresh first impression with the tailor made colour package. Customise your smart’s tridion safety cell, alloy wheels, cabrio soft top and more. For a really dynamic look choose the exterior style package or the exterior light package. Be smart – follow your instincts.

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Add a splash of colour to accent trim parts and contrast components – match it, clash it or just mix it up. Go designer with the leather package and choose from over a hundred colours: how about a leather steering wheel with customised stitching? Or maybe go sporty with the full-on BRABUS style package? If it looks good, do it.

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smart fortwo BRABUS tailor made - rims