FOR loving the city.


le cool’s Features Editor, Josh Jones, shares with us where he finds inspiration in the city he loves – London.

This sprawling mass of a city is ever-changing, always reinventing itself as communities shrink and grow, people come and go and places become hot or not. London is a ride that never stops – people just jump on and off. You can’t control it; it just lets you think that you’ve tamed it for a little until…


Music: The Windmill, Brixton

The are many unwritten rules of London life – don’t stand on the left of ANY escalator, don’t make eye contact in public and never, ever go into a pub that has a flat roof with a dog on it. This is the one exception to the rule though. If you’re new to the area you’ll be filled with trepidation as you walk off the main drag, down an unfriendly road where you’ll find slightly scruffy, flat-roofed Windmill (the dog alas, has gone to the big, flat roof in the sky). Once inside though you will find outstanding music and cheery Irish service. At least three bands a night are booked (seven or more on a Sunday with a BBQ) and any of the most well known indie and rock acts around today will have cut their teeth at this very venue.


Film: The Tricycle

Where does one go for a unique filmic experience? Well, The Tricycle in Kilburn is a good bet. It famously shows work representing the huge melting pot of cultures that reside in the borough of Brent – black, white, Jewish, Asian, South African and Irish writers are all well represented here - and it is well-known for addressing political and contemporary issues. Plus, if you live in the area you get a massive discount bonus. The Tricycle is much more than just a cinema though. It hosts art shows, performances and is serious about education and community schemes as well.


Food: Whitecross Street Market

The stalls that line this narrow throughway that connects Old St and the Barbican Centre is actually one of London’s oldest markets, dating back to the 17th Century. The food market is open every Thursday and Friday and if you’re looking for a delicious and cheap lunch from literally all four corners of the world, then you must go here. It’s the kind of place where you pick up a falafel at one end, maybe sample some Caribbean curried goat halfway down and when you get to the other end pick up an Indonesian curry to take back to the office and no one’ll ever know…


Art: Pure Evil Gallery, Leonard St

Pure Evil is one of street art’s most accessible people. He doesn’t mind his face being photographed or filmed; he’s often up for an interview too and is an extremely friendly and interesting person. His studio is also a walk-in gallery space, which he’s just completely refurbished and he has his own art department store two doors down. So if you want to see some of the best contemporary street art from around Europe and the world stop by his place. If you’re lucky he’ll be in and will tell you his fake Andy Warhol/Keith Haring story too.


Nightlife: Midnight Apothecary, Brunel Museum.

For something different, take a trek to Rotherhithe by tunnel or ferry to the Brunel Museum where, every Saturday throughout the summer, you’ll find the Midnight Apothecary on the roof. Now in its third year, this is a unique place to enjoy a cocktail, watch a river sunset, wander in the botanical garden and have a night-time guided tour of the museum. It’s only a fiver and the money raised goes towards a new, underground concert hall. Plus there’s Greek food from the guys behind the marvelously named I Should Be Souvlaki.


Contributed by: Josh Jones from le cool