The pure power of electricity.


Boasting 60 kW of power behind the engine, the smart Electric Drive does not compromise on agile acceleration.  One battery charge has sufficient power to cover approximately 160 kilometres in accordance with the NEDC, making it ideal for urban use.  What’s more, the optional high-performance on board 22Kw fast charger can charge your vehicle in just 45 minutes, meaning less time waiting and more time discovering the open road.  Thanks to the ‘smart control’ app, charging on-the-go is also now possible from afar making the smart work together with your agile lifestyle.



Innovation throughout.


Focusing on driving and it’s clear that both agility and practicality remain uncompromised thanks to a tight turning circle and full customisation across the models’ colours and optional equipment.  The ‘smart control’ app enables the driver to pull up information about their electric drive remotely via PC, tablet or smart phone and includes adaptable functions such as pre-entry climate control and intelligent remote charging.  Inside and the stylish interior becomes immediately apparent through a sleek dashboard with power meter and battery status display. There’s also the option to purchase the winter package upon request with a heated steering wheel for maximum climate comfort.  To complete the look and make a bold statement in the city, the Electric Drive’s optional design package gives your chosen model an eye-catching exterior with the tridion safety cell and door mirror caps painted in electric green.  

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    The smart Electric Drive will be launched in both the two and four-seater models in early 2017. To keep up to date with the latest information on the new smart electric drive models, register your interest below: