smart forfour - functionality

New ideas for the compact class.

With a whole host of intelligent solutions the smart forfour is the perfect car for whatever you have planned – alone, or for two, three or four people. Simply go with the flow of the city and take in everything you encounter on the way. And thanks to the wide-opening doors that can be opened up to 85°, getting in and out and loading and unloading are particularly convenient.

Luggage compartment.

smart forfour – spaciousness

Variable. Comfortable.

The rear seats of the smart forfour enable particularly high variability in the interior, giving you more flexibility. Individually folding rear bench backrests are available as an option, which means that even with one rear passenger there is still space for larger items. The backrests can be folded down on the seat surfaces creating an almost level load surface.

Turning Circle

Turning circle.

The smart forfour has been consistently designed for the demands of city driving. Its size in combination with the Direct-Steer system gives it the smallest
turning circle in its class, just 8.65 m measured from wheel to wheel. So if you’ve taken a wrong turn simply do a U-turn! And with a length of just 3.49 m finding a parking space is a breeze.

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Cargo volume.

With the seat bench folded down the luggage compartment has an astounding cargo volume of 975 litres. And thanks to the folding passenger seat backrest you can even store longer items of up to 2.20 metres in length. But even if you are travelling with four people in the car the luggage compartment holds up to 215 litres when the rear seats are in the cargo position – giving you ample space for the weekly shop.

smart forfour – cargo volume

85° rear doors.

The 85° rear doors of the smart forfour can be opened almost at a right angle, making it much easier to load large or bulky items than many other compact cars.

readyspace seats.

The readyspace seats with removable cargo box are standard for all trim levels. It is a simple matter to swivel the seat cushions individually to the footwell – a quick and easy way to create more height for larger items. And if you need a level cargo area, simply fold down the seat backrests. In conjunction with the removable storage compartment this solution offers you maximum storage space flexibility.

smart forfour – 85° rear doors
smart forfour – readyspace seats

Rear bench.
The rear seat backrests are divided in a ratio of 50:50 for even easier loading. What’s more, in the more upright 12° cargo position they increase the luggage compartment capacity. At the same time the seat can be used or a baby seat fitted.

Passenger seat.
The passenger seat backrest can be folded right down to make space for bulky items.


Space for small items.

The drawer in the centre console is a clever idea: it creates space where there was none before for storing small items away securely and out of sight. Thanks to the integrated cup holder hot or cold drinks can be safely transported. The storage compartments in the rear doors offer additional storage space for small items. Fluorescent jacket , first-aid kit  or warning triangle  can also be accommodated here.

smart forfour interior – various stowage facilities

A high seating position.

smart forfour – high seating position

Keep an overview.

With the comfort package you can tailor your seat even better to your needs as the driver's seat and steering column are height-adjustable and can be individually adjusted to your height and stature.

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