Get your smart winter ready.

smart Winter Health Check

Book your free Winter Health Check

Winter driving can place extra demands on you and your car, but with our free Winter Health Check you can ensure your smart is prepared, whatever the weather has in store.

Our expert technicians will check key features, including the windscreen, wipers, lights, brakes, tyres and underbody, to make sure everything is in perfect working order.

Afterwards, we will talk you through the report and make recommendations if any work is needed. However, rest assured there is no obligation to have it done there and then.

As a valued customer you will also receive the following complimentary gifts and services when you have a Winter Health Check carried out:

  • Mercedes-Benz fleece blanket 
  • Car wash and vaccum
  • Screen washer top up (if required)

Contact your local Retailer to book your free Winter Health Check.