Celebrating 25 years of unconventionality

Guided by a forward-thinking spirit since 1998, smart has always embraced unconventionality and inspired to imagine an optimistic future. We combine premium quality, intelligent features and contemporary design so it can be adapted seamlessly to our lives. Together, let's embrace the power of electricity, evolve with the needs of time, and continue to push the boundaries of what's possible.

We have defied convention and redefined mobility for a quarter of a century. From the beginning, we sought innovative solutions for the challenges of city life. As our all-electric smart #1 hits the road, we reflect on our non-conformism by highlighting original achievements, magic moments and the stories that shaped our attitude and vision. While the appearance of our cars may have changed, we still show how successful unconventional can be.


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    The data on CO2 emissions, electricity consumption and electric range were determined according to the prescribed measurement procedure and comply with Regulation (EU) 715/2007 as amended. The data do not refer to an individual vehicle and are not part of the offer, but serve solely for comparison purposes between different vehicle types. The values vary depending on the optional equipment selected.

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    The ranges determined according to the standard WLTP cycle enable a comparison between manufacturers. They also include the measured range achieved through recuperation (energy recovery during braking). Individual driving style, behaviour, speed, acceleration behaviour, outside temperature, topography and the use of electric vehicles have an influence on the actual range and may reduce or even increase it in certain circumstances. The values are determined in accordance with the prescribed measurement procedure, Depending on driving conditions, the values may vary from those stated.

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