New smart cars.

A smart has always been a bit different. But that doesn't mean all smarts must be alike. In fact, we believe a smart has the right to come in many forms, simply because every smart model is inspired by that thing called life.

And if you look at life with an open mind, it's quite surprising how many different facets there are to be found. As such, it feels only logical to continuously expand the all-electric smart family into a diverse line-up that delivers a more inspiring, enjoyable and individual experience to the lives of many more individual originals.

That said, every smart -- both today and tomorrow -- will share a focus on contemporary aesthetics in every detail, first-class quality, and the efficient and responsible use of the latest technology.

The result of this approach will always be an emotional and comfortable mobility experience that is genuinely sustainable, safe, and seamless -- regardless of dimensions or silhouettes.


2024: Encounter the unexpected: smart Concept #5

What would life be without unexpected twists and turns? Beijing Auto Show 2024 marks the reveal of the all-electric smart Concept #5. Going further beyond urban on an adventure than smart ever went before.

Encounter our interpretation of a mid-size electric SUV with contemporary aesthetics in every detail, first-class quality, and the efficient and responsible use of the latest technology.

Stay tuned with the latest news and updates from smart – big or small.


2023: Form follows function, and can be stunning, too.

In March 2023 smart demonstrated that beauty could emerge from unexpected sources -- sheer efficiency, for example.

Because when the world caught its first glimpse of that year's new smart model, it was the athletic, yet elegant lines that captured attention. Surprisingly, these weren't solely the result of pursuing aesthetic excellence but were achieved through relentless aerodynamic optimisation.

Following this philosophy, the release of the smart #3 soon after showcased how this approach was implemented into the real world, boasting an impressively low drag coefficient of just 0.278. This not only enhances performance but extends its electric range -- up to maximum 273 miles WLTP⁵ to be exact. This makes the smart #3 as exciting to observe as it is to drive.

Perhaps that's the true function the form had to follow.


2022: Unusual as usual.

It was in early 2022 when the world got a taste of things to come: the smart Concept #1 introduced not only a genuinely new design language, but a novel approach to the intelligent use of space, alongside a host of unexpected details.

Frankly, it re-defined what a smart may be like from the ground up. However -- just looking at the bigger picture -- the biggest and most significant change wasn't to be found in the Concept #1, but in the world around it: As everyday life rapidly transformed, so too did the demands for individual mobility.

With that in mind, the subsequent market introduction of the smart #1 distinctly met changing customer needs in an unmistakeable manner: offering a premium and contemporary EV experience that not only added sophistication to every detail -- from the quality of materials to the unique design elements both inside and out -- but also versatility to perfectly suit daily life.

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  • smart #1: Electricity consumption combined in kWh/100 miles | kWh/100 km: 29.3 | 18.2 (BRABUS), 27 | 16.8 (Premium), 28 | 17.4 (Pro+), 27,7| 17,2 (Pro) (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions in g/miles | g/km: 0; Electric range (WLTP) in miles | km: 248 | 400 (BRABUS), 273 | 440 (Premium), 260 | 420 (Pro+). ⁴ ⁵

    smart #3: Electricity consumption combined in kWh/100 miles | kWh/100 km: 28.3 | 17.6 (BRABUS/ Pulse), 26.2 | 16.3 (Premium/Edition), 27 | 16.8 (Pro+) (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions in g/miles | g/km: 0; Electric range (WLTP) in miles | km: 258 | 415 (BRABUS/ Pulse), 283 | 455 (Premium/Edition), 270 | 435 (Pro+), 202 | 325 (Pro). ⁴ ⁵

  • All pictures and illustrations are for information purposes only. Because of the production, color differences of the ordered vehicle or equipments are possible. This means that deviations in the presentation, especially of the exterior and interior colors, cannot be ruled out. Optional extras and special equipments, that are displayed in images, are not automatically part of the offer. Delivered vehicles will be right-hand drive, even if left-hand drive is shown. smart #3 Pro and Pro+ do not include rear side window privacy glass.

  • 4

    The data on CO2 emissions, electricity consumption and electric range were determined according to the prescribed measurement procedure and comply with Regulation (EU) 715/2007 as amended. The data do not refer to an individual vehicle and are not part of the offer, but serve solely for comparison purposes between different vehicle types. The values vary depending on the optional equipment selected.

  • 5

    The ranges determined according to the standard WLTP cycle enable a comparison between manufacturers. They also include the measured range achieved through recuperation (energy recovery during braking). Individual driving style, behaviour, speed, acceleration behaviour, outside temperature, topography and the use of electric vehicles have an influence on the actual range and may reduce or even increase it in certain circumstances. The values are determined in accordance with the prescribed measurement procedure, Depending on driving conditions, the values may vary from those stated.

  • 8

    The available drive power in battery-powered electric cars depends on various factors, including the duration of the required power, the battery voltage and temperature. As a result of these conditions, the maximum power for the specified acceleration values can be achieved repeatedly but not indefinitely.

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