Roadside Assistance Emergency?

Call +441908 086062 to contact our 24/7 helpline for Roadside Assistance.

Stolen vehicle? We've got your back.

If your car has been stolen, contact the police immediately - they can assign you a case number. Then, via the smart customer contact page, you can call the country number where your vehicle is registered. From there, the smart partner call center will manage further communications for you.

How do my crash sensors intervene?

In the event of an emergency, the smart emergency call (e-Call) system can help significantly speed up the arrival of the rescue services at the accident scene. The emergency call* can be triggered automatically by the crash sensors, or manually by the driver using the SOS button in the overhead control panel in the vehicle. The smart Customer Engagement Center (smart CEC) telephone number is integrated into your vehicle. Hence you can reach us with a press of the Help section from the Digital Head Unit (DHU) of the car.

Stolen vehicle? We've got your back.

If your car has been stolen, contact the police immediately - they can assign you a case number. Then, via the smart customer contact page, you can call the country number where your vehicle is registered. From there, the smart partner call center will manage further communications for you.

Safer than ever. Safer than most.

smart Customer Engagement Center

You can also reach us by contacting smart CEC hotline numbers via your phone. For home markets mentioned under the breakdown of the geo-coverage area, contact details are on the Customer Contact Page.

What's included with smart Mobility Services?

Travel to and from the breakdown location


Cost of the technician's travel to and from the breakdown location.


On-site assistance


Minor repairs at the breakdown location.




Towing to the nearest authorized smart service partner is provided. Alternatively, the authorized smart service partner selected by the customer within a radius of 31.06 miles can be contacted.


Taxi/chauffeur service/ public transport*


A local transport service can be organized for the onward journey. We will cover the costs up to GBP 75 (net) per incident.


Replacement vehicle


You get this for the duration of the repair – a max of 3 working days.

It's subject to standard market conditions (e.g. deductible amounts for rental cars). The type and model of the replacement vehicle shall depend on availability. Other additional costs, such as fuel etc, will not be covered.




As an alternative to the replacement vehicle: If you wish to continue your journey by plane or train, we will cover the costs of the outward and return journey for you and the passengers in your vehicle up to GBP 400 (net) per person and incident.




Overnight accommodation in a hotel room (with breakfast) for you and the occupants of your vehicle for the duration of the repair work, up to a maximum of 3 working days and within the applicable price limits of up to GBP 400,- (net) per person and incident..


Return of the vehicle


The repatriation is carried out in collective transport. The time required may vary depending on distance and location. If your smart is not ready to drive again within three working days, we will organize the return of your smart to an authorized smart service partner of your choice upon request. The resulting costs will be covered by smart.


Organizational support


If required, the smart Europe Customer Engagement Center (CEC) will provide you with organizational support via our service provider, e.g. by arranging for a translator. This service is covered by your costs.


*The price limits for mobility services are given in euros and converted into the respective national currency according to the current exchange rate.

  • All pictures and illustrations are for information purposes only. Because of the production, color differences of the ordered vehicle or equipments are possible. This means that deviations in the presentation, especially of the exterior and interior colors, cannot be ruled out. Optional extras and special equipments, that are displayed in images, are not automatically part of the offer. Delivered vehicles will be right-hand drive, even if left-hand drive is shown. smart #3 Pro and Pro+ do not include rear side window privacy glass.

  • 2

    All prices of the marketplace products incl. VAT. The respective suppliers are responsible for the delivery times and any delivery charges to be incurred of the marketplace products (e.g. wallbox) solely. All information is based on the characteristics of the respective market and in the responsibility of the respective sellers.

  • 9

    The symbols in the tyre label have the following meanings: the "tyre and petrol pump" symbol (top left) concerns fuel efficiency (highest efficiency class: A), the "tyre and cloud" symbol (top right) concerns wet grip (shortest braking distance: class A), the "tyre and loudspeaker" symbol (bottom) concerns rolling noise (in decibels, lowest noise: Class A), the "Alpine" symbol "Three peaks with snowflake" (below, if present) concerns snow grip and identifies tyres suitable for extreme snow conditions, and the "Mountain with hatched area" symbol (below, if present) concerns ice grip and identifies tyres suitable for roads with a layer of ice or a solid snow cover.

    Actual fuel economy and road safety depend to a large extent on one's own driving style. Fuel consumption can be significantly reduced by driving in an environmentally friendly manner. Tyre pressure must be checked regularly to improve fuel efficiency and wet grip. Stopping distances must always be respected. For more information on Regulation (EU) 2020/740 (Tyre Labelling Regulation), please visit the Tyre Industry Federation website.

  • 10

    All smart driver assistance and safety systems are intended to enhance the users' driving experience but these do not release users from their responsibility as drivers. Please familiarise yourself with the information in the operating instructions and the systems limits.

  • 11

    smart offers the convenience of remote control functionality via mobile phones for all vehicle models. Standardised basic functions are included in all offers. Extended connected functions are only available on request and at extra cost. All premium connectivity functions require a paid subscription, including an extended connectivity volume.

    The current compatibility of the smart mobile phone app for iOS/Android operating systems can be found in the description of the hello smart app in the respective app store. To be operational, prior registration at is required.

    The smart Terms of Digital Services apply to all remote services.

  • A

    All information on vehicle availability is only approximate and may be delayed if, for example, the registration of the vehicle takes longer than expected. Confirmation of the vehicle handover date shall be after the consultation with your smart sales agent.

    The respective marketplace providers are solely responsible for the delivery time of the marketplace products (e.g. wallbox).

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