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The new convenient electromobility Fleet with smart

The all-new generation of smart is now available to Fleet partners across the UK. Let us take you on a journey to see for yourself why the smart is a great choice for yours.


What makes the smart great for Fleets?

With many features included as standard, there are also variables and possibilities when it comes to deciding on the right car for your fleet. It's our goal to make your choices as easy as possible. That's why smart's worry-free benefits are proof that you don't have to make any compromises at all.

The convenient way to lease your car

Enjoy convenient leasing with competitive prices for your company electric car. We already have a great relationship with our leasing partner smart Mobility Financial Services, but we're also more than happy to work with the leasing partner of your choice.


Great performance, competitive prices

It's about great performance combined with competitive prices. In addition to the premium feel, smart delivers all the interior space you need. With a range of up to 273 miles (WLTP) on smart #1 and 283 miles (WLTP) on smart #3, range anxiety is a thing of the past. And, thanks to our partnership with the Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) network, you have access to more than 360,000 charging points all across Europe.


Discover our models

A smart means business.

No hidden costs

With smart, there are no unexpected surprises. What you see is what you get. While your smart TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) includes leasing, warranty and maintenance costs up to 30,000 miles, if you buy it, we'll give you three years of free maintenance and warranty with our Integrated Service Package -- so there's less for you worry about already.

Our service package
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The process


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Personal Support

We initiate a fleet-specific process with our UK Fleet team or a Corporate Expert at Agent level assigned to support and advise you.


Go ahead and enjoy a convenient EV life with smart #1 once you're up and running

smart for Fleets of any size across the UK

So, you're looking to order a smart #1 or smart #3 for your company? Go all-electric, go convenient, go smart. We make customising and ordering simple and we're happy to assist you along the way.

  • All pictures and illustrations are for information purposes only. Because of the production, color differences of the ordered vehicle or equipments are possible. This means that deviations in the presentation, especially of the exterior and interior colors, cannot be ruled out. Optional extras and special equipments, that are displayed in images, are not automatically part of the offer. Delivered vehicles will be right-hand drive, even if left-hand drive is shown. smart #3 Pro and Pro+ do not include rear side window privacy glass.

  • 1

    All prices/rates include the value added tax (VAT) applicable at the time of delivery, unless otherwise stated. In particular, if you are logged in as a business customer, all prices/rates are always exclusive of VAT. The stated vehicle price is the On The Road price (including delivery to your chosen smart agent, registration plates and new vehicle first registration fee). All price quotations refer to the prices/rates valid at the time of publication on the website. These details are not binding, may vary by market and are subject to change without prior notice. The General Terms and Conditions of smart UK Automotive Ltd apply to all orders.

  • 4

    The data on CO2 emissions, electricity consumption and electric range were determined according to the prescribed measurement procedure and comply with Regulation (EU) 715/2007 as amended. The data do not refer to an individual vehicle and are not part of the offer, but serve solely for comparison purposes between different vehicle types. The values vary depending on the optional equipment selected.

  • 5

    The ranges determined according to the standard WLTP cycle enable a comparison between manufacturers. They also include the measured range achieved through recuperation (energy recovery during braking). Individual driving style, behaviour, speed, acceleration behaviour, outside temperature, topography and the use of electric vehicles have an influence on the actual range and may reduce or even increase it in certain circumstances. The values are determined in accordance with the prescribed measurement procedure, Depending on driving conditions, the values may vary from those stated.

  • 6

    The charging time of the battery may vary depending on various conditions such as different environments and battery temperatures, available power and other restrictions, as well as the use of the remote control function (e.g. remote controlled air conditioning, preheating of the vehicle, etc.). With a 7.4kW home wallbox, you can charge from 10% to 80% SOC (State of Charge) in 7.5 hours. Where a 22 kW on-board charger is fitted, you can charge this at this speed from 10% to 80% SOC in 3 hours under optimal conditions.

  • C

    All interfaces of the vehicle and the app shown as well as all associated elements are still under development. In this respect, the content is solely for the purpose of showing the design and style. The actual functions and content are dependent on the products that ultimately appear on the market.

  • G

    The real vehicle may differ from the video due to 3D effects.

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