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Combined electricity consumption in kWh/100 miles | kWh/100 km: 29.3 | 18.2 (BRABUS), 27 | 16.8 (Premium), 28 | 17.4 (Pro+) (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions in g/miles | g/km: 0; Electric range (WLTP) in miles | km: 248 | 400 (BRABUS), 273 | 440 (Premium), 260 | 420 (Pro+). For more information, please visit:

Tailored to your needs: smart #1 for SME

Get ready for all-electric convenience. If you're an SME (small or medium enterprise) looking to order up to 9 cars, you can simply configure and pre order your smart #1 online.

For small and medium enterprises, the new smart generation has more benefits than ever. The spacious interior, advanced connectivity, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and the all-electric approach of the smart #1 make it a great choice as a company car.


The choice is yours

Great choices should be made easy. Discover the benefits of each of our smart #1 lines and decide which vehicle suits you and your company best.

smart #1 Premium

With retained convenience with enhanced elegance – the Premium is a level above. Expect an interior that offers everything and more, while the exterior is a statement of style. With a battery-saving heat pump for thermal comfort, automatic parking assist and an adjustable head-up display, plus, a strong range of up to 440km (WLTP), The Premium ensures you’re worry-free wherever you go.

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smart #1 Pro+

OTR Price £35,950 | P11D Price £35,895

Are you ready for uncompromising comfort? Enjoy seamless in-car connectivity and dependable driver assistance package, topped off with an irresistible interior and exterior. From 360° camera to adaptive cruise control, the smart #1 Pro+ is always reliable, exceptionally stylish and convenient all the way.

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smart #1 BRABUS

Meet sport, meet energy, meet exceptional electric driving performance. The smart #1 BRABUS comes with an exclusive redesigned exterior, topped off with an in-car experience that does its powerful attitude justice in every way. Bringing the very best of smart sportiness, the smart #1 BRABUS more than proves what the new smart generation is capable of.

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Discover the right smart #1 for you

The choice is yours. Select your favourite smart #1 line.

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Taillights of electric SUV smart #1

What makes the smart #1 great for SME?

There are lots of variables and possibilities when it comes to deciding on the right car(s) for your small or medium enterprise. It’s our goal to make your choices as easy and obvious as possible. That’s why smart #1's worry-free benefits are proof that you don’t have to make any compromises at all.

The convenient way to lease your car

Enjoy convenient leasing with fair prices for your company car. We alreadly have a great relationship with our leasing partner ALD Automotive, but we're also more than happy to work with the leasing partner of your choice.


The benefits of your electric company car

smart #1 could help to reduce your company's CO2 footprint. Depending on regional and current regulations, you might also get additional benefits (e.g. company e-car tax) and BEV (battery electric vehicle) tax benefits for your electric company cars. Furthermore, while premium EVs are getting very expensive, smart #1 is sure to be a competitive choice for your company.

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smart #1 for B2B partners

Looking to order 10 or more per year smart #1 for your company? Become a B2B partner. As a B2B partner, a local Key Account Manager will negotiate a deal with you personally, and assist you with choosing the best car for your electric fleet.

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