Drive electric – for a worry-free EV life

Living life the EV way

You were looking for an electric car? Well, you found an urban companion. A companion you can share with others, a companion that respects you and your preferences. Tomorrow is all about connection, and we’re with you every step of the way.


Living life the EV way

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We make technology for people

It’s not the technology that drives us. It’s people all around the world striving for a better tomorrow.

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Connect and control

It’s all about connection. And you’re the beating heart of it. Electric driving is about taking control and loving it.

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Use your imagination

Tomorrow’s only just begun – and there’s so much more to come. More technology. More connectivity. More ways to discover yourself and the world around you.

Combined electricity consumption in kWh/100 miles | kWh/100 km: 29.3 | 18.2 (BRABUS), 27 | 16.8 (Premium), 28 | 17.4 (Pro+) (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions in g/miles | g/km: 0; Electric range (WLTP) in miles | km: 248 | 400 (BRABUS), 273 | 440 (Premium), 260 | 420 (Pro+). For more information, please visit Legal notes | smart UK.

More range en-route

Enjoy worry-free electric driving with an impressive range of up to 273 miles (WLTP).

Driving electric SUV smart #1

More charging efficiency

Charge your smart #1 with DC super charging in under 30 minutes (150kW, 10–80%) or AC charging in ca. 3 hours (22kW, 10–80%).


More power at home

With smart charge@home, charging happens fast and seamlessly with up to 22kW.

Discover the right smart #1 for you

The choice is yours. Select your favourite smart #1 line.

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Ready for a long-distance relationship?

So, you've thought about what it might be like to drive electric. But have you ever worried about charging? We got you. Charging on your trip, at your destination, and at home now is seamless and fast – plus, the smart #1 battery comes with a powerful range of up to 273 miles. That’s right, convenience has gone fully electric.

And just like that – range anxiety is a thing of the past

Charging in public stresses you out? No worries. Wherever your journey takes you, with smart charge@street a charging point is always nearby. Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) offers a network of more than 360,000 charging points across Europe – reliable for en-route and destination charging. With the smart charge@street RFID card that comes with your smart #1, you’ll be able to access every charging station in the DCS network. And, while you’re charging, the Hello smart App enables you to monitor the charging session. Rest assured range anxiety will no longer be part of your vocabulary. So why choose an electric car? Right, that’s why.

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Charging at home with smart charge@home

Our experts from ABB E-mobility will deliver and install the powerful smart charge@home, capable of charging up to 22kW. This makes charging not only affordable but with its bluetooth technology based Plug-and-charge functionality, it is also simple and intuitive to use. Plus, the automatic vehicle authentication prevents non-authorised EVs from using your smart charge@home.


Be seamlessly connected to your EV

Ever wondered: How does an electric car work? At least for the smart #1, the answer is simple: seamlessly digital. With the Hello smart App, you can connect to your smart #1, no matter where you are. Just register the smart ID and you can check your car’s location, range and battery, set a pre-condition, find a public charging point and schedule charging. That way, your urban companion is always right at hand.


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