smart charge@street


Worry-free access, wherever you are

With one of the largest public charging network in Europe, en-route and destination charging is simple and convenient with smart charge@street. So, wherever you’re headed, you can be sure there’s a car charging station close by.

Seamlessly connected to a smart infrastructure

We’ve partnered with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) to provide smart #1 drivers with the convenient, worry-free access they need to a broad, easy-to-use and reliable network of public charging stations.


Is this smart? The numbers say so.

98% coverage across Europe

Now, that’s a whole lot of continent covered.


More than 360,000 charging points across Europe

And, this number continues to rise.


Reliable network for en-route and destination charging

The total number of charging points includes more than 335,000 AC and more than 29,000 DC fast charging stations.


A network you can count on

Full price transparency

Nothing complicated. Just charge up, hit the road and wait for your monthly invoice.

Complete convenience

No need for anxiety. Just nearby charging whenever you need it.

One contract across borders

DCS charging network exists throughout Europe, so you get the same consistent smart charge@street experience from country to country.

So, how does en-route charging work?

First, you’ll need to activate your smart charge@street RFID card that comes with your smart #1. Then, you're good to go – as the RFID card for EV charging can be used to authenticate sessions at public car charging stations across Europe, while the Hello smart App enables you to monitor charging sessions.


Your charging companion? The Hello smart App.

The Hello smart App seamlessly integrates with the DCS charging process smart charge@street, making your life easier as you can access each charging session from your fingertips. Running low on the road? No problem. The in-car navigation function can route you to nearby charging points when you need them most. The Hello smart App map can also reveal important charging station information such as opening hours, availability, type of connector, location, and price.

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Can I still charge without smart charge@street?

The answer is yes. However, this won’t involve the same level of integration with smart’s digital ecosystem – so, non-smart charge@street stations won’t be picked up by the in-car navigation system and non-smart charge@street charging POIs cannot be accessed through the Hello smart App.

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