One electric future, four smart #1 lines

Starting from £35,950¹

Combined electricity consumption in kWh/100 miles | kWh/100 km: 29.3 | 18.2 (BRABUS), 27 | 16.8 (Premium), 28 | 17.4 (Pro+) (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions in g/miles | g/km: 0; Electric range (WLTP) in miles | km: 248 | 400 (BRABUS), 273 | 440 (Premium), 260 | 420 (Pro+). For more information, please visit

smart #1 Pro+

From £35,950¹

The convenient #1

Make the future of driving all about you. Make it about convenience and a seamless driving experience. Make it about feeling safe and comfortable all the way, every day, with the new smart electric SUV.

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smart #1 Premium

From £38,950¹

The elegant #1

It’s high time you make premium your priority. The smart #1 Premium matches first-class convenience with an unmatched design – for a unique premium driving experience.

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smart #1 BRABUS

From £43,450¹

The sporty #1

Make way for that fiery fusion of power and performance: The smart #1 BRABUS takes sportiness to the next level – for the driving experience you always dreamed of.

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smart #1 Launch Edition

From £39,450¹

The special #1

You’re chasing exclusivity and a unique EV? You’ve found it. Limited to only 1000 across the whole of Europe, sitting in the driver’s seat of this smart #1 will feel even more special.

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A look and feel to suit you

Each smart #1 line includes its own selection of colours to choose from – and here you have the freedom to visualise how each line looks depending on your preference. It’s a great way to see how the interior and exterior design of your smart #1 shapes up before your own eyes.

  • All pictures and illustrations are for information purposes only. Because of the production, color differences of the ordered vehicle or equipments are possible. This means that deviations in the presentation, especially of the exterior and interior colors, cannot be ruled out. Optional extras and special equipments, that are displayed in images, are not automatically part of the offer.

  • Since 1 January 2021, companies within the United Kingdom have been obliged to advertise new passenger cars offered for sale or lease with consumption and emission data according to the new WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Duty Test Procedure) test cycle. The Passenger Car (Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions Information) Regulations 2001 have been subsequently updated by Statutory Instruments (SI) 2004 No. 1661; 2013 No. 65; and 2018 NEDC values are no longer available and can therefore no longer be stated.

  • 1

    All prices/rates include the value added tax (VAT) applicable at the time of delivery, unless otherwise stated. In particular, if you are logged in as a business customer, all prices/rates are always exclusive of VAT. The stated vehicle price is the On The Road price (including Delivery to your chosen Retailer, registration plates and new vehicle first registration fee). All price quotations refer to the prices/rates valid at the time of publication on the website. The details are non-binding, may vary by market and are subject to change without notice. The respective General Terms and Conditions of smart UK Automotive Ltd apply to all orders.

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    The ranges determined according to the standard WLTP cycle enable a comparison between manufacturers. They also include the measured range achieved through recuperation (energy recovery during braking). Individual driving style and behaviour, speed, acceleration behaviour, outside temperature, topography and the use of electric vehicles have an influence on the actual range and may reduce or even increase it under certain circumstances. The values were determined according to the prescribed EU measurement procedure. Depending on driving conditions, the value may deviate from the stated value.

  • 6

    The charging time of the battery may vary depending on various conditions such as different ambient and battery temperatures, available power and other restrictions, as well as the use of the remote control function (e.g. remote controlled air conditioning, preheating of the vehicle, etc.). With a 3-phase power supply, you can charge at up to 22 kW and go from 10% to 80% SOC (State of Charge) in just 3 hours under optimal conditions. With a Direct Current fast charging station, you can even charge at up to 150 kW and go from 10% to 80% SOC in 30 minutes under optimal conditions.

  • 8

    The available drive power in battery-powered electric cars depends on various factors, such as the duration of the required power as well as the battery voltage and temperature. Due to the physical framework conditions, the maximum power for the specified acceleration values can be called up repeatedly, but not any number of times in succession.

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