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Unlock the true potential of your smart #1

Our digital services make your smart #1 even more powerful. Extend the system to shape the vehicle’s features to your needs while enjoying flexible usability all the way every day. How does it work? Simply choose the digital services you want to use and upgrade your smart #1.

Over-the-air updates

Thanks to over-the-air (or OTA) updates, the smart #1 and smart #3 are set up for continuous improvements. Their modern software allows you to install system updates and new features yourself, without having to come in for a service visit — the newest software is just a download away.

Our customer-centric approach enables us to incorporate your valuable feedback and quickly develop new features. The next big change? In our upcoming smart OS 1.3.0 update, expect support for Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™.¹⁴

Over the air

Premium connectivity package

Connectivity is what makes driving the smart #1 especially seamless and convenient. The Premium connectivity package offers you next-level connectivity experience. Try the Premium connectivity package 1 year for free. After 1 year, you can decide if you want to keep the advantages of the package. Advantages include:

  • Infotainment: live tracking of the car, OTA map updates, InCar app (with more apps such as Tuneln, Calendar, Weather, Gaming etc)

  • “Hello smart” mobile app: Apple watch (coming 2023), Geofence (coming 2023)

  • Data flat: Unlimited 4G data in the UK and EU with your smart #1

Premium connectivity package
Drive more digital – find your new smart #1Explore
Drive more digital – find your new smart #1

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