Design Philosophy


Step behind the scenes with the design team

Endless inspiration equals endless opportunity to innovate. Go behind the design of tomorrow and get up close and personal with our Mercedes-Benz design team as they share the making of the all-new smart #1, our first ever all-electric SUV.

An electric car that breaks all the rules: the exterior of the smart #1 SUV is driven by unbridled creativity and a laser-sharp focus on the details. Blending sophistication and innovation, say hello to the shape of the future.

Sometimes you have to look in the rear-view mirror to get a clear vision of where you're headed. And that's exactly what our design team did: introducing a tomorrow-worthy interior made with contemporary urban culture in mind.

It's our fundamental belief that every user experience design decision is fuelled by the desire for creating a strong emotional connection. This is automotive gamification at the highest level. Now that's smart.

Endless urban inspirations collide in an interior colour palette that radiates elegance and harmony. A premium electric car, the all-new smart #1 doesn't compromise on style. The future has arrived – and it's looking good.

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Taillights of electric SUV smart #1

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