Well, hello smart

It’s time to get even more connected to smart #1. Say hello to the Hello smart App and explore the features of your car’s true companion.

Stay in tune with your car’s every need

The Hello smart App displays detailed, real time vehicle information such as range, battery status, location, and tyre pressure – so you can keep tabs on it from anywhere.


A seamless digital journey

Each and every smart #1 adventure is effortless with the Hello smart App. From pre-conditioning features for ultimate comfort to convenient charging monitoring – it's easy to tailor your experience ahead of and during every single trip you take.


Pre-condition to perfection

The Hello smart App puts the power of pre-conditioning in your hands, so you can make the car comfortable before you’re even in it – by controlling temperature and adjusting seat and steering wheel heating remotely.


All interfaces of the vehicle and the app and all corresponding elements shown in this video are still in process of development. The content of this video is insofar for the sole purpose of showcasing design and style. Actual functions and content are subject to products eventually present on the market.

Convenient charging with the Hello smart App

The Hello smart App makes it easy to monitor charging status. With a scheduling feature to start and stop charging, it’s easy to be prepared for any journey. You can plan charge time, date, and charge limit according to the precise time you intend to hit the road. It even makes it easier to spend less on electricity – so you’re winning all round.

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Taillights of electric SUV smart #1

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